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How my fitness journey began

Sometime around early 2010, it got into my head that this was going to be the year that I finally get into shape, but I figured starting from zero on January 1st was probably not the way I was going to achieve it. Getting set up and prepared in advance seemed like the best method to make sure I was successful. I signed up late last year with Sacfitnesstrainer, as a way of helping me get the results I wanted. And up to this point, I can definitely say things are going very well. If you’re looking to make a positive change this year in your health and fitness regime, make sure you start right and with a solid program.

Why I Got a fitness Trainer

Generally, I’m a pretty motivated person when it comes to work and family, it’s only when it comes to taking care of myself that I get lazy. I figured if this was going to be the “year of change”, I should probably try something different than my usual wasted gym membership or early morning physical exercise that I can never stay consistent with. I figured that having a personal trainer would not only give me the added motivation but could also help me train smarter and more effectively in my limited free time. Also, they would have knowledge and routines that could specifically focus on the key areas that I wanted.

The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Having a trainer has helped me in 3 key areas.

· Keeping my motivation high. I’m pretty busy with work most days when I’m not gaming, so keeping on track and motivated to stick to training schedules can be tough. My trainer keeps me pumped about my sessions and by setting goals helps me get over the motivation hump.

· Getting positive (but constructive) feedback. I found one the major problems of exercising by myself was that I didn’t know what was effective or useful and of course, there was no one around to shout “Keep Going!” My trainer was knowledgeable and hyped about getting me through the tough times and gave me correction and advice on optimizing my routines.

· Direction. Knowing what steps I need to take to get where I want to be is a big motivator. Instead of having a fuzzy, vague idea of the level of fitness I’m after, my Sacramento personal trainer helped me set realistic, achievable goals. Having milestones in any project is useful; I found the same in my fitness regime.

Focusing on Goals & Keeping Them Realistic

In every area of life, I feel more comfortable having a set of goals; it keeps me focused and stops me backsliding. By first realizing what my limitations were and then looking at core ways to push them (without causing myself injury), has helped me achieve a lot. Sometimes the goals take a little extra work, but at least I know exactly what I’m going to get out of that work. I can set targets and break them down into small, realistic chunks that show me a progress trajectory over time. It’s pretty motivating!

The Difference So Far

So, I’m feeling good. There have been a couple of breaks in routine, but for the most part, I’ve stuck with my program and am really feeling the benefits. One of the more surprising results is that the more I achieve, the more I want to push myself. Getting into the shape I want is a long way from over, but at least now I know I can do it if I keep on track.

The main difference has been in my energy levels. Before I got into all this, I’d get home, do “my duties” and basically just veg-out in computer games; it was difficult to get anything constructive done. I felt that the only “me-time” was on the weekend, so that’s when I would do some fitness work. Now I have more energy, I’m finding that I also have more time for me. I’m motivated to do my work-out before chilling out, and now I don’t feel so guilty about grabbing a book and just whiling away a bit of time.

The Next Step for a New Me

I have some pretty clear goals to work at, which I’ve broken down into manageable chunks. I’m going to keep my motivation high and keep pushing my boundaries.